My first picture taken immediately after birth.

A Father Was Born…!!!

On a cold winter night of December 2016, with Bangalore’s unpredictable, unusual off season rain/drizzle, in a hospital labour room, there was an angel coming in to the mortal world.

And amid all the chaos, nurses and doctors busy with scissors, scalpels & other tools, beeping sounds of hospital machine’s, and an exhausted mum’s screams & blood where all hell was breaking lose; there was a lone nervous male figure going through mixture of emotions, who was witnessing a miracle unfold in front of him. When he saw the tiny little infant cry and grasp her first breath, that very moment – A father was born too.

When his immediate emotions were of excitement, admiration and overwhelmed that he had no idea of the roller-coaster life that was in store for him. And that, my friends, is a story of my imperfect dad lessons. It has been 3.5 years since that cold winter night, but the memory of that day is as fresh as if it happened just yesterday. Since then, I have tried to be a perfectly imperfect dad every single day.

One would wonder why did it take 3.5 years for me to start writing, and I can say – become a father once and you will know how much extra time you can spare – would be the simplest answer. But now, I would like to use this platform to share my journey as a new father and hope it entertains the readers and share some learning & experiences along the way.

I have also noticed there are hundreds and thousands of blogs, stories from moms, but a very few from dads, and a rarity by Indian dads. This baffles me sometimes, are we, Indian male fraternity, still being brought up to just be an alpha male, responsible for working our bums off, providing bread & butter whereas raising a child and parenting becomes a woman’s job? OR, am I from those new breed of parents who take equal interest and involve in raising their child?

Whatever the case maybe, I am fortunate enough and glad to be part of every single moment of my daughter’s growth from that very same cold winter night of December 2016, when a princess was born and so was an imperfect dad.

To be continued…..

Happiness of holding your child for the first time.
A father was born

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  1. Good one Abhijit, keep writing your experiences, it opens up a lot of areas of improvements for me especially

  2. Piya says:

    love it, very beautifully written <3

  3. Sweta says:


  4. Nishant parekh says:

    I would say it’s not an imperfect dad but it’s an I m perfect to be a dad….your blog has taken me a five years back of my fatherhood …it’s not the father is born when u have child in your hand …you have become a father the day you know u r going to be a father you start Taking care about your child when he or she is in mother’s womb …you will feel that you r dad when your child feels your touch when you keep your hands on your wife womb and it’s moving inside womb it gives a different feeling……
    I loved your blog …♥️

  5. Meeta Ashoksinh Rana says:

    To start writing and sharing experiences through this platform is a good start. I know Abhijit since his birth. when a child born it’s a birth of parents also. each day while our child grows parents also growing. So no parents are perfect. we give unconditional love to our child. Her name is connected nature and Vritima will grow with nature .God bless you.

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