Cocoon Royale Cottages

Roam, Explore, Discover – Vritima’s Travel Diaries (Part 2)

hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of Roam, Explore, Discover – Vritima’s Travel Diaries and liked her YouTube VLOG of Orchid’s Trail Resort. So, after spending a day at Orchid’s Trail, we headed to our next destination – Cocoon Royale. Cocoon Royale is located quiet interior in lush greenery and forest cover, on the banks of river Kabini. This place may not be as luxurious as other resorts. However, it has decently maintained cottages on the banks of river Kabini, perfect for peaceful, leisure time with not many activities.

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School Chalein Hum..!! Vritima’s First Day of School..!!

Hello Folks, Last two years have affected everyone in different ways due to the COVID pandemic. Lately, things are slowly getting back to normal (or should I say ‘The New Normal’) for most of us. We, adults, got adjusted even with this new normal of Work From Home / Hybrid work culture, online meetings, and …

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15 Classic Old School Parenting Rules That Are Still Relevant – Specially in This COVID-19 Pandemic Time!

Hello Folks, So it’s been more than a month since the last post on our travel experience in COVID. There is still no respite in pandemic situation but we are happy to be home with family. Vritima is happier than ever to spend time with both maternal and paternal family members; and we couldn’t be …

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Parenting is equal responsibility of a father & mother.

Imperfect Daddy – Why from Father’s Point of View?

There is no black & white definition of right or wrong parenting. Every parent is the best version of their own self and give their best to raise their kids. In majority households in India, parenting is directly associated with mother’s responsibility.  That is how it has been followed culturally and traditionally from decades and centuries. Times are changing now, and parenting is no longer just a mother’s job, fathers are also taking equal responsibility and interest. However, what is saddening is the double standards and hypocrisy of the society when husbands take a lead or involve themselves in parenting duties.

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Be Self-Dependent

Help Your Kids Become #ATMANIRBHAR

  It has been more than 60 days we are in the COVID-19 lockdown situation; and we have survived both, the pandemic and the new normal routine with managing work, home and kids, so far. On one hand, this lockdown is a good opportunity to spend time with family, to sit back & introspect and adjust to the new routing, whereas on the other side, sometimes things around you are absolute chaos and the home becomes a war-zone, especially when the kids add more misery to an already piling list of household chores.

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