Sleepless Nights

Hello Folks..
Welcome back. In my previous post, I mentioned about promising my daughter to be her super hero. But boy, little did I know that all my heroism is gonna fly out of the window and I did not have slightest of idea about the countless, tiresome sleepless nights of parenting that were waiting to unfold.

So, after couple of days in the hospital post-delivery, we were finally back home. Megha was still totally exhausted and trying to recover, but we at least had the comforts of our home and slowly started to set new routine with our little one. It requires utmost care and caution to handle an infant all by yourself, everything is new and first time – be it changing a nappy to holding her supporting her neck, tracking her feeding time to daily massage and bath, you need to adjust your entire existence around a tiny infant’s routine.

I remember, during Megha’s pregnancy, the baby used to get active late night every single day, and we used to brush it off thinking we maybe noticing the movements only when Megha is relaxed in the night. But then, it did continue even after delivery, every day, the baby sleeps happily during day time, and then all hell breaks loose at nightfall. She will stay awake, cry and not sleep whole night keeping all 4 of us awake (me, Megha and both our moms). We used to take turns to stay awake, try all sort of tricks to make her fall asleep – cradle, rocker, roam around the house holding her in hand and everything was of no help.

The night-outs continued, and with every passing night continued our struggles to make a tiny infant fall asleep. It was as if she was born in a wrong time zone, a night in India seemed like her bright sunny day, and without travelling across the globe, we started experiencing jet lag. And her father, her super hero & guardian angel, became a half dead zombie at his workplace. But did I have any right to complain? Welcome to real parenting and more sleepless nights.

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