Treating Neonatal Jaundice with Phototherapy & Sunlight

Important Note: Speak to your midwife or GP if your baby develops jaundice. They’ll be able to assess whether treatment is needed. Hello Folks, When babies are born, they normally develop mild Jaundice symptoms, which is quiet normal. Jaundice is a common and usually harmless condition in newborn babies that causes yellowing of the skin …

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Parenting is equal responsibility of a father & mother.

Imperfect Daddy – Why from Father’s Point of View?

There is no black & white definition of right or wrong parenting. Every parent is the best version of their own self and give their best to raise their kids. In majority households in India, parenting is directly associated with mother’s responsibility.  That is how it has been followed culturally and traditionally from decades and centuries. Times are changing now, and parenting is no longer just a mother’s job, fathers are also taking equal responsibility and interest. However, what is saddening is the double standards and hypocrisy of the society when husbands take a lead or involve themselves in parenting duties.

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Sleepless Nights

Hello Folks..Welcome back. In my previous post, I mentioned about promising my daughter to be her super hero. But boy, little did I know that all my heroism is gonna fly out of the window and I did not have slightest of idea about the countless, tiresome sleepless nights of parenting that were waiting to …

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My first picture taken immediately after birth.

A Father Was Born…!!!

On a cold winter night of December 2016, with Bangalore’s unpredictable, unusual off season rain/drizzle, in a hospital labour room, there was an angel coming in to the mortal world. And amid all the chaos, nurses and doctors busy with scissors, scalpels & other tools, beeping sounds of hospital machine’s, and an exhausted mum’s screams …

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