Sleepless Nights

Hello Folks..Welcome back. In my previous post, I mentioned about promising my daughter to be her super hero. But boy, little did I know that all my heroism is gonna fly out of the window and I did not have slightest of idea about the countless, tiresome sleepless nights of parenting that were waiting to …

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First few nights of my life

The First Night

Hello folks… I hope you had liked the previous post of Imperfect Daddy. So, the arrival of our little princess was promptly followed by millennial generation’s mandatory post on social media: Cute And Cuddly, Full Of Charms, Custom Made To Fit Our Arms!!!  A Precious Little Angel Sent From Above, Wrapped In Pink & Surrounded …

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My first picture taken immediately after birth.

A Father Was Born…!!!

On a cold winter night of December 2016, with Bangalore’s unpredictable, unusual off season rain/drizzle, in a hospital labour room, there was an angel coming in to the mortal world. And amid all the chaos, nurses and doctors busy with scissors, scalpels & other tools, beeping sounds of hospital machine’s, and an exhausted mum’s screams …

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