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Welcome to the world of Abhijeet and Megha Jhala – a husband-wife duo with a super-duper hyperactive 4.5 year old little angel daughter – Vritima. These 3 names will keep surfacing in almost all the blogs to come – so it is good to give a bit of introduction about ourselves.

Megha Jhala

I am Megha Jhala, an Entrepreneur, a Digital Marketer, a freelance consultant and of course, a mother. I am originally from Gujarat and currently settled in Bangalore after marriage.

After my graduation, I did Masters in E-Business and I worked with multiple organizations for close to about 7 years in IT and Marketing field, however, working on 9 to 5 job for someone else was never my cup of tea, I wanted to be my own boss, I was always fascinated by the E-Commerce industry. As they say – Business is in our (Gujarati people’s) blood, I always wanted to run a successful business/start up. In 2015, I left my job and started working on my business blueprint and market research. Finally, in 2016, I started my very own Jewellery E-Commerce venture – Etoile Fashion. The same year, our daughter, Vritima, was born. Even today, I am putting my heart and soul to nurture both my kids – my daughter and my Digital Marketing and E-Commerce business.

My husband, Abhijeet, has a flair for writing and reading; but is very laid back and casual in approach. So I encouraged him to spare some time and write a blog. As many of you would agree, husbands are stubborn creatures and convincing them to do something is a daunting task; it took me more than 2.5 years to finally conceive this blog in to his brain. An achievement I can be so proud of as he continues to write more. So here we are – sharing our 2 cents on parenting.

Abhijeet Jhala

I am Abhijeet Jhala, an E&C Engineer and an IT Professional with 12+ years of experience in IT industry. As the saying goes – Opposites attract – I am completely opposite of my wife, Megha. Unlike her, I was more than happy with my IT career, and always felt that business or anything remotely related to Entrepreneurship is not my cup of tea. Although, reading/writing is one of my hobbies along with travelling, movies, photography etc. But I never cultivated the idea of writing a blog, until, of course, when her majesty, the wife commanded.

Jokes apart, I was supporting her to start her own business and slowly started taking interest in blogging. It was difficult to decide which hobby/passion to pick for writing, there is a plethora of blogs, articles and information on all types and categories of topics. After the birth of Vritima, parenting/fatherhood was a whole new experience for me. Right from witnessing her arrival in the hospital labour room to each and every phase of her growth so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment to the core. Sometimes we feel that time has flown by so quickly, it feels like just yesterday when I held a tiny, fragile infant in my hands for the first time, and in a flash, she is this all grown up 3 year old toddler. She’s her mom’s angel and papa’s little princess. So there was no better way to start my blogging journey with none other than our parenting experiences.

Imperfect daddy is my take on becoming a father, parenting and art of balancing the fatherhood with other personal & professional responsibilities. Time and again, we have seen articles, columns and blogs from Women and Moms, but very rarely from a father’s perspective. Take no credit from all the Moms out there, because it’s them who give birth and raise the children all by themselves. Husbands/fathers are ideally their support system, who are sometimes, underestimated a lot. But of course, with changing times, the trends are changing too. There is a new breed of fathers, who take equal interest and responsibilities to raise the new-born and they do it with all their heart and soul. I, am one such father – rather – an Imperfect Father if I may say so.

Vritima Jhala

So, finally, a bit of an introduction of this innocent and cute looking, but an extremely super-duper hyperactive, little angel, yes that’s me – Vritima Jhala. Trivia – my name, Vritima is derived from the word Vrutti/Vritti (Nature) meaning a person with good nature. I hope I turn out to be one. You will hear a lot about me in this space, in fact, most of the articles/blogs will be about how I was born an innocent, tiny bundle of joy to the incidents where I keep these 2 adults on their toes with my activeness and mischievousness.

Right from the day I was born (13-December-2016), till today, I have never failed to amuse everyone with my innocence, cuteness, energy, drama, intelligence and what not – it has been an absolute, hell of a roller-coaster ride – at least for my parents for sure. Yes, sometimes, more often than not, I do get on their nerves, but in the end, they are my world and I am theirs. As you read next blogs you will discover a lot more about me.

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  1. Niyati says:

    This is not just blog or post it’s all about pouring love ; feelings about your heartbeat. And its absolutely speechless than words …so just feel your parenthood each day and keep nurturing your love via blog .
    Good luck

  2. Jahnviba Rana Raijada says:

    It’s not only writing of parenting but I think it’s journey of Perfect fatherhood n perfect parenting . it’s not only words but it’s feeling ..👌👌👏👏

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