10 Fun Activities to keep your kids busy During COVID-19 Lockdown! – The year 2020 has been quiet challenging so far with COVID-19 and extended lockdown. Last couple of months are all about Social Distancing and staying home, staying safe. The routines have changed for everyone, and kids are not spared either. Schools are closed, and so are the parks, malls and other recreational/public places. While there is an uneasy calm outside in the cities/towns, it is sometimes absolute chaos at home these days – managing work from home, kids and sharing household chores all together becomes a tough task.

Kids’ Logic – Beyond Our Imagination – Amid this corona virus (COVID-19) scares and its fear, my daughter, too young to even pronounce the word Corona virus, who has no iota about what and whys of the lockdown, gave a glimpse of how their tiny but always active brain works in a hilarious way.

Inception – The Beginning -Sometime in late March 2016, it was a few months after I left my job and started working on my business plan, I was at my home, relaxed, sipping my evening tea.

A Father was Born – On a cold winter night of December 2016, with Bangalore’s unpredictable, unusual off season rain/drizzle, in a hospital labour room, there was an angel coming in to the mortal world.

The First Night – Hello folks… I hope you had liked the previous post of Imperfect Daddy. So, the arrival of our little princess was promptly followed by millennial generation’s mandatory post on social media

Sleepless NightsHello Folks.. Welcome back. In my previous post, I mentioned about promising my daughter to be her super hero. But boy, little did I know that all my heroism is gonna fly out of the window and I did not have slightest of idea about the countless, tiresome sleepless nights of parenting that were waiting to unfold.

Born In A Wrong Time Zone – Hello Folks.. So, as I said in previous post, we were having a hard time making days old infant fall asleep at night. But who knew that it was just a start and will continue for not weeks or months, but years to come.

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