First few nights of my life

The First Night

Hello folks…

I hope you had liked the previous post of Imperfect Daddy.

So, the arrival of our little princess was promptly followed by millennial generation’s mandatory post on social media:

Cute And Cuddly, Full Of Charms,
Custom Made To Fit Our Arms!!!
 A Precious Little Angel Sent From Above,
Wrapped In Pink & Surrounded By Love!!!
 A Star Fell Down From Heaven & Landed In Our Arms,
With All Of Mommy's Sweetness, and Daddy's Charms!!!
 Dresses, Dolls And Little Curls,
We're Thrilled To Announce Its A BABY GIRL!!!

I know, I know, such cliched and obvious, but the world needs to know, isn’t it?

But jokes apart, the first night after her birth was filled with nervousness, anxiety and tiredness. Though the mum was exhausted from the extended labour pain and delivery, and the daddy was exhausted simply by witnessing the pain, screams and blood soaked delivery in the labour room; fortunately, both the mother and baby were doing well. That cold winter night in fact turned out to bring the most warmth and affection filled phase in our lives.

The first night mostly is always chaos, emotions, joy, excitement, fears, learning, and it is anything but a normalcy. My first night after daughter’s birth was nothing less than a teaser of upcoming endless sleepless nights and roller-coaster ride, which, to this very day, has continued and I don’t see any respite in near future.

As the mum had to take deserving and much needed sleep, this new born Daddy willingly stepped forward to handle this little bundle of joy for the first night. And let me tell you, no matter how strong, masculine and brave a man is, the moment you lift a 3 kg bundle of flesh and blood; all your bravado goes out of the window and you automatically go weak in your knees.  

Next couple of days were filled with hospital formalities, vaccination, understanding the post natal care, preparing for the discharge from hospital and then began full-fledged parenting role back home. However, that first night, I held my daughter who fit perfectly and comfortably in my arms, formed a protective shield around her, and pledged to never ever leave her side, to always protect her from every harm, to always give all of his heart and soul throughout her life and promised her to always be her silent protector, a watchful guardian, her guiding angel – eventually her super hero..!!! 💓💝

My guardian angel
My super hero!!
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  1. Sweta says:

    Loved it 🙂

  2. Zeel says:

    While reading this I went back into my past !! You wrote so beautifully. As our fathers are not that expressive, Angel is very lucky that her Papa is brave enough to put down all his feelings.

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