MOM is A Title Just Above Queen! Happy Mother’s Day!

It was 2 year’s ago in 2020, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Megha and I launched this ‘Imperfect Daddy’ blog and made it public. Since then, we have received overwhelming response and unconditional love & support from everyone. And we continue our parenting journey with the little bundle of joy Vritima growing up to be more of a firecracker, extra-energetic, but even loving and caring ruler of our hearts.

Last time’s Mother’s Day blog was from Megha’s column where she reflected on her own journey of motherhood. However, this time around, the roles have changed – it was Vritima’s turn to wish Megha and boy how excited she was. As Vritima grows to be more wise and understanding, she gets excited to celebrate all special days.

So, as I told Vritima that it is Mother’s day today, she was all excited since morning and told me – ‘Dad, let’s do something special for mom’.

I asked – ‘what do you want to do?’

She thought for a moment and replied – ‘I will make a secret card for mom and give her a surprise while giving it.’ She likes drawing/doodling and makes cards for everyone’s birthdays in our family.

She spent next 30-45 minutes making this beautiful card. She visualized what she wanted to do, doodled some colorful star and heart, drew her happy family on picnic in mountains and once done, she was all the more happy to wish mom with her surprise.

Here’s Vritima talking about her secret card and waiting to surprise her mom.



And as Megha had mentioned in her previous Mother’s day blog, all the supermoms out there – give yourself a pat on the back for being your best version of mother and remember: MOM – is a title just above QUEEN!


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