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2021 – Let’s Start Over With Positivity!

So, we finally bid adieu to the dreadful, nightmarish, pandemic struck 2020. The year may have changed on calendar, people may have started to take the coronavirus lightly and even the vaccine is around the corner; but, this new normal of social distancing, masks and safety remains as it is. As the world welcomes the year 2021, we also hope it brings good times ahead.

Last year has definitely been tough for everyone, especially for children with limited exposure to outside world, limited outdoor activities, online teaching and confining to homes, they have endured a lot – emotionally, psychologically and physically. As we have started to adapt to this new normal, and the fear of Corona is reducing, lot of things seem to be slowly getting back to normalcy.

It has been over 5 months we are in our hometown (Gandhinagar, Gujarat) and although we have spent maximum time with family, we had still not ventured out at public places much. With the new year 2021, we needed a breath of freshness and positivity, so we decided to take Vritima to Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Nature Park which is the only Dinosaur museum in India. It also consists of a small zoo, botanical garden, a blue whale skeleton and a nature/wilderness park that is home to numerous species of birds, reptiles, Nilgai (blue bull), Langoor monkeys and peafowls among others.


One of the primary reasons we took Vritima to this nature park rather than malls or play areas or any other place was to let her bond with nature and animals. We live in concrete jungles and technology driven world. And I believe, kids must have exposure to nature from young age, it will help them learn to admire, respect nature and every living beings. Our children are future stewards of the earth. If we want to raise them to become the adults who are willing to protect the environment and preserve the planet earth; we must first let them develop a deep bond & love for it. And what better way to do it than to open the doors and let them venture out in nature?






And believe me when I say this – there couldn’t have been a better way to kick start year 2021 for Vritima. Her excitement knew no bounds the moment we entered the park gates and went towards the parking. Once inside, she turned into this curious and inquisitive child who wanted to explore everything at once. She was extremely fascinated with Dinosaur statues and fossils, followed by snake house, birds cages and then towards other animals like deer, black buck, leopard and lions. She enjoyed the walk in the park with freely roaming Nilgai, peafowls, other birds and monkeys. It was her first experience where she saw the animals co-existing with each other, diversity in flora and fauna; she was super happy feeding the squirrels and peacocks, admiring the beautiful nature that she did not want to go anywhere from there. In fact, she even wanted to take the squirrels and peacocks home with her.

Finally, when we returned home, Vritima was filled with overwhelming happiness and a newfound love of nature & animals. A day that was well spent amid nature, animals and a whole lot of happiness. We could say – a perfect way to start a new year with so much positivity and infinite possibilities. Signing off with a hope to make this year a year of fulfillment, of finding, of joy, peace and purpose. Cheers…!!!


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