Be Self-Dependent

Help Your Kids Become #ATMANIRBHAR

  It has been more than 60 days we are in the COVID-19 lockdown situation; and we have survived both, the pandemic and the new normal routine with managing work, home and kids, so far. On one hand, this lockdown is a good opportunity to spend time with family, to sit back & introspect and adjust to the new routing, whereas on the other side, sometimes things around you are absolute chaos and the home becomes a war-zone, especially when the kids add more misery to an already piling list of household chores.

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10 Fun Activities to keep your kids busy During COVID-19 Lockdown!

Hello Folks, The year 2020 has been quiet challenging so far with COVID-19 and extended lockdown. Last couple of months are all about Social Distancing and staying home, staying safe. The routines have changed for everyone, and kids are not spared either. Schools are closed, and so are the parks, malls and other recreational/public places.  …

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