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Celebrating Festive Season with Lights, Sweets & Togetherness

Hello Folks, Last few days of October were all about lights, firecrackers and Diwali festivities. And we hope everyone had a wonderful festive season. But, Diwali is not only about sweets, savories, crackers, and new dresses. It is a celebration of family reunions and togetherness too. Over the years, things have changed drastically. Today, Diwali (or …

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Cocoon Royale Cottages

Roam, Explore, Discover – Vritima’s Travel Diaries (Part 2)

hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of Roam, Explore, Discover – Vritima’s Travel Diaries and liked her YouTube VLOG of Orchid’s Trail Resort. So, after spending a day at Orchid’s Trail, we headed to our next destination – Cocoon Royale. Cocoon Royale is located quiet interior in lush greenery and forest cover, on the banks of river Kabini. This place may not be as luxurious as other resorts. However, it has decently maintained cottages on the banks of river Kabini, perfect for peaceful, leisure time with not many activities.

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School Chalein Hum..!! Vritima’s First Day of School..!!

Hello Folks, Last two years have affected everyone in different ways due to the COVID pandemic. Lately, things are slowly getting back to normal (or should I say ‘The New Normal’) for most of us. We, adults, got adjusted even with this new normal of Work From Home / Hybrid work culture, online meetings, and …

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MOM is A Title Just Above Queen! Happy Mother’s Day!

It was 2 year’s ago in 2020, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Megha and I launched this ‘Imperfect Daddy’ blog and made it public. Since then, we have received overwhelming response and unconditional love & support from everyone. And we continue our parenting journey with the little bundle of joy Vritima growing up to …

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Vritima’s Dance Performance at Prep1 Annual Day Event

Here’s a video of Vritima’s dance performance at her Chimply Fun Preschool on the occasion of Prep-1 (LKG) Annual Day Event. This was Vritima’s first stage performance as there were no annual day celebration in last 2 years due to COVID19 pandemic. And she along with all the kids performed exceptionally well without any stage …

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